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Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday, July 27

Good evening.

Jim and I met with Anne Lundquist, and Betsy, from the Estes Park Hospice on Friday. I can't say enough good things about hospice. I had the privelege of working with these wonderful caregivers last summer, as my grandma was dying here at our house. I didn't think at that time that we would be in need of their services so soon, but here we are.

Jim has filled out the paperwork, so hospice care will be coming our way. This is in the form of weekly help, nurses, spiritual and emotional counseling. One of the things they are going to offer is counseling to Lily and her friends, since a teens friends are their greatest support system, and Lily is going to need all she can get. She loves Jim so much.

Jim's older daughter Lara arrived with her husband Neil, and beautiful daughter Rose on Sunday, and Jim and Lara and Liana spent all afternoon looking at old pictures. Lara and I both had to cry into pillows at one point because we didn't want to upset Rose, and when she asked us what we were doing we told her we were playing a peek a boo game, and she proceeded to play with us, and we all ended up laughing. The joy of children is contagious.

Jim and I continue to laugh and cry our way through this. He feels badly for me, and I feel badly for him. We have some fun things planned this week in the form of horseback riding for children and grandchildren, an overnight sleepout for kids and parents, Jim said he was sleeping indoors! Who can imagine that. I too, may sleep in the house, as my latest indignity is a HORRIBLE CAST this elevates my heel 5 inches, and goes downwards towards my toes, like a horrible slide. This is to give my achilles complete rest and a chance to heal. However, it is almost impossible to walk. So I may be asking for help vaccuming and dusting. I am walking with crutches, so that helps a bit.

I continue to be thankful for my life with Jim. Laying in bed holding hands with a wonderful husband is food for my soul.

Peace and love to all of you, and thanks for your well wishes and encouragement. We so appreciate it.

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