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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wednesday, July 29 - Comfort Care Packages

Three "Comfort" packages arrived at our house yesterday. They came in three different forms. The first in the form of daughters, my older daughter Kathryn gave Jim a wonderful picture with a caption that says "Stop - Everything changed the day he figured out there was exactly enough time for the important things in his life." Hugs, tears, and "I love you's" were emotionally exchanged. About two hours later, Lara, Jim's oldest daughter and family arrived to spend several days with us. The comfort portion of this package contained sweet granddaughter Rose, and compassionate son-in-law Neil.

The next care package arrived in the mail, but wasn't opened until later Tuesday evening, and I'll get back to it.

The third and final care package arrived in the form of good friends and neighbors, the Shavlik's and the Swann's. As we passed the evening in front of our fire - it was like 45 degrees outside - we laughed and chatted away an early evening. Of course, we did talk a bit about Jim's illness, but his stoic nature and unwillingness to share his discomfort, directed the conversation back into lighter waters. We all agreed to get together again in a few weeks.

Back to the second care package, it arrived from Federal Express and was in the form of the Hospice "Comfort Pack." This pack contains liquid painkillers, antinausea medications, and general things to help Jim be comfortable as the dying process continues. Because it is a process, and it has its own rules, times, and will operate at its will. Time is our enemy and our friend. This comfort pack came with instructions, and directions, and lots of scary words. I believe the comfort it will supply is greater than the scariness, but I'll have to see. So along with the good food that Lara and Neil and Rose bought and put in the fridge, is the white and green package from Hospice, with its own expiration date, and sits next to the milk.

I am blogging this as a cool rain is falling outside, Lara and Rose are napping, Jim's sister is arriving at the airport, and Jim is at Wings West, where he continues to fight the good fight.

Peace - Dawn

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