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Friday, August 28, 2009

Late Thursday, Early Friday Morning

Can't sleep. Jim's passing though peaceful, and relatively pain free was wrackingly painful for me. Things I am greatful for tonight though are: we were able to talk last night for a bit, and he had made peace with all people and situations he thought he needed to do. He wasn't scared, though he was concerned about me and Lily. We talked about our falling in love, and stupid things we had done. The last words to me, and he touched and held my face, and said, "I love you Dawn."

He lapsed into a come around 9:30 this morning, while I was in Longmont meeting with a lawyer. When I got home, I cleaned his face, lotioned his back and arms, straightened and combed his hair, and put aftershave on him. He was never conscious during this time. About 3:45 his breathing became irregular, shortly within a minute his eyes rolled back into his head, and his breathing stopped, started, then finally stopped at 3:50

Current plans are visitaion in Longmont at Howe Mortuarty Sunday through Tuesday, then a memorial service at the YMCA camp of the rockies. Burial at the Estes Park Cemetary, and a catered light lunch at our home afterwoord.

Took a sleeping pill, eyes are closing. Much love to all of you - Dawn

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